Monday, 23 May 2016

Frostgrave 'White Gorilla'

I picked up this Northstar Figures 'White Gorilla' from their Frostgrave fantasy game. I think it should fit in very nicely with my future Oldhammer campaigns. When we were young our Warhammer Fantasy battles consisted of quite a few other figures than the standard Citadel ones - anything that looked good (in other words "fierce") and could handle itself on the battlefield was usually fair game. Hence our armies included quite a few models by Grenadier, Asgard, Essex and others.

I could imagine myself at that age purchasing something like this, and reacting with great excitement, as it rampages and throws Orcs around or some such.

The Frostgrave figures are really nice and I'm planning on getting a few more to mix in with my Oldhammer stuff.

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