Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Citadel Plague Cart

The Plague Cart was produced in October 1987, so a little after my own childhood Warhammer obsession which concluded just before that date. Nevertheless, after deciding on the resurrection of an Oldhammer style Undead army it seemed like the perfect addition to my growing collection.

Those with a keen eye and sense of history will notice that the Undead steed pulling it, is in fact a Lord of the Rings (ME series) Dunharrow skeleton horse minus the rider. This was because I'd picked up the cart alone for a few quid on Ebay and wasn't interested in paying the exorbitant prices sometimes asked for a complete one (£60-£150 in some cases!!). A fellow Oldhammer forum member had suggested a replacement 'Skeleton Buffalo' made by Secret Weapon Miniatures, which was nice but when it arrived was way too big. Anyway I think the Dunharrow nag definitely looks the part.

Most painters I talk to mention how easy it is to paint Undead. I'll attest to that. This was undercoated in Black primer, then given an all over base coat of GW Dryad Bark (Brown). Next a drybrush of Zandri Dust, then another of Screaming Skull. Finally highlighted in White (very slightly).

Anyway, I think it's a great model. Very unassuming on any battlefield but likely to bring fear and horror upon its approach..rrrrrraaaaarrghhh!!